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Compilation of Classic TV Footage - Episode 12

Published 2012

Another edition of my series combining clips from various public domain television series. This episode runs about a half-hour. I hope you can forgive the severely bad picture quality (problems with my editing software).

Run time 29 minutes 47 seconds
Producer Matthew Paul Argall
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Clip 1: Excerpt from NBC series "The Magic Clown"
Clip 2: 1967 Commercial for SEGO diet drink and Pet Evaporated Milk
Clip 3: Excerpt from March 20 1953 episode of "Love of Live"
Clip 4: 1954 Commercial for Super Shelvador refrigerator
Clip 5: Excerpt with "Life with Elizabeth" (with Betty White and Del Moore)
Clip 6: 1961 Commercial for Mazola margerine
Clip 7: Excerpt from 1955 episode of "The Jimmy Durante Show"
Clip 8: 1967 Commercial for Whip 'n' Chill
Clip 9: Except from 1955 episode of "Pantomime Quiz"
Clip 10: 1960 Commercial for Ivory Snow
Clip 11: 1958 ABC-TV ID (from "Do You Trust Your Wife")
Clip 12: Duncan Hines commercial


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